“Mersin Region Steeped in Ancient History and Culture”: Taking into consideration that cultural aspects are an important part of the European citizen’s rapproachment, the Mosaic Programme, financed by the EU Commission, wants to prepare the accession of the candidate countries to the enlarged European family.

Mersin’s project, as one of the on-going project within the Mosaic Programme, is based on the awareness that history and archaeology can explain the cultural differences as well as similarities between Turkish and other European cultures.

Mersin Mosaic Project has been financed in partnership of Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, European Union with the support of partners as a pilot group composed of Mersin University, Middle East Technical University, The French Institute of Anatolian Studies, Lecce University in Italy.

In order to improve the common aspects and to bring citizens to have a more positive attitude towards these differences, a forum and later  workshops bringing all actors, stakeholders and experts concerning these issues have been organized as a first step of the Mosaic Project in Mersin by the pilot group.

As a second step of the project, preparation and organization of itinerant exhibition with lectures in Mersin, Ankara and Istanbul have been initiated by the project partners. Accordingly, the results of the workshops are being disseminated through conferences accompanied by exhibitions are being held at METU Museum in Ankara after Mersin.





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