Collaborations in European Union Sixth Framework Programme, Network of Excellence Integrated Project ITECH/TECHNE, EPOCH

ITEACH/TECHNE try to combine expertise and resources of technologists, heritage administrators, heritage professionals and communication experts concerned with the effective and sustainable application of digital technology to archaeological research and cultural heritage presentation at museums, monuments, and historic sites. The network promotes the integration of research efforts in five vital subfields:


  • Field Recording and Data Capture
  • Data Organisation, Provenance and Standards
  • Reconstruction and Visualisation
  • Heritage Education and Communication
  • Planning for sustainability of heritage projects

ITEACH/TECHNE involves a large consortium of leading European institutions and will promote interdisciplinary integration by initiating and supporting a wide range of activities to the benefit of network members and the wider community, including:


  • Defining common agendas for research
  • Undertaking integration research projects
  • Integrating technology research projects with Cultural Heritage Education and Communication projects
  • Promoting use of shared equipment infrastructures
  • Assisting in defining common data and documentation formats
  • Defining, promoting and developing curricula, and delivering specialised interdisciplinary training
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary interworking through staff and student mobility and shared projects
  • Disseminating the best of current practice through international interdisciplinary conferences, symposia, workshops and publications
  • Informing industry of the results of the projects and integrating appropriate companies, particularly SMEs, into the coordinated research plan
  • Implementing integration research projects and showcasing to relevant organisations and the public
  • Addressing issues of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), ownership and security of digital assets

METU-TAÇDAM is an Associate of ITEACH/TECHNE since the beginning of the programme.