Since Middle East Technical University comprises a vast territory of more than 4000 hectares, it is natural to find archaeological sites within its borders. The identification and analysis of the archaeological finds throughout this rather vast track of land commenced in the very early years of METU history and continue to this day. Parallel to survey work for locating new archaeological sites, excavations have also been carried out to formulate a better understanding of the salient characteristics of antique settlements. Ahlatlybel, Koçumbeli and Yalyncak may be cited among such sites. 


After completing the discovery and initial investigation of the archaeological heritage within the university borders, further study will continue according to new needs and circumstances while taking into account results of the work accomplished in the last 30 years. In 1968, with the far-sighted vision of Mr. Kemal Kurdas, the former president of METU, a museum was founded in METU for the preservation and exhibition of the findings from the archaeological excavations within the borders of METU and in the plain of Ankara which were rendered possible with the support of METU between 1962-68.


METU Museum is the first university museum in Turkey. Today there are departments of archaeology in many of our universities, but none of them have an archaeological museum. In this respect, METU Museum is not only unique among Turkish universities, but it is also has a distinct place among foreign universities, due to its collection enriched by archaeological findings from its own campus area.


The Museum has three exhibition halls: the finds from the Phrygian Necropolis are exhibited on the first floor, the mezzanine level is reserved for finds from Yalyncak and Koçumbeli sites while the ground floor comprises the exhibition hall for posters with display units of ethnographic artefacts, administrative office, depot and service rooms.



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