Master and Ph.D Thesis on Urban Archaeology in Turkey

  • Urban Archaeology; a visionary framework for Urban Archaeology in Turkey / Boylu Ayşen, Supervisor? Ankara, METU, 1994


  • Urban Archaeology: as the Basis for the Studies on the Future of the Town Case Study, A Case Study: Bergama / Bilgin A. Güliz, Supervisor? Ankara, METU, 1996


  • An Assessment of Urban Archaeology and Archaeological Heritage: A Case Study in Ulus / Çağlayan Deniz, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Numan Tuna, Ankara, METU, 1999


  • The Design of Spatio-Temporal Database Model for Representation of Historical Urban Knowledge: An Application for the City of Trabzon (aims to present a prototype of a new method of space-time analysis which has been developed and tested for the city of Trabzon) / Savacı (Gökbulut) Özlem, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Numan Tuna


  • Assessment of historical stratification in multi-layered towns as a support for conservation decision-making process; a Geographic Information Systems ( GIS )  based approach case study: Bergama. A. Güliz Bilgin Altınöz, supervisor Prof. Dr.Cevat Erder., Ankara, METU, 2002



  • Integration of urban archaeological resources to everyday life in the historic city centers tarragona, verona and tarsus [ Electronic resource ]  / Açalya Alpan, Supervisor Prof. Dr. Numan Tuna, Ankara, METU, 2005, http://etd.lib.metu.edu.tr/upload/12606699/index.pdf